Nothing is better than a kitchen that smells of homemade bread!  I love baking bread.  It brings back memories of being at my grandmother's house.  She was a wonderful bread maker who made bread every Saturday.  Store bought bread was a rarity at her house.  Mostly she made the traditional white bread along with zwieback (look for my explanation of this bread below).  However, when she knew we were coming to visit, she always had a pan of fresh cinnamon rolls waiting for us.  My early days of bread making were challenging.  Once I got the hang of it, my bread making skills bloomed!  Now I enjoy baking all types of yeast and sweet breads.  I would love to talk "bread" with you.  Please  use the form in the "About" section to contact me or email me at mybloomingbakery@att.net to discuss what kind of bread I can bake for your next meal, family gathering, special occasion, or just to enjoy.  
Made from Scratch Yeast Dinner Rolls - The Perfect addition to any meal.
$5.00 / dozen
Loaves of Bread
Fresh out of the oven

Cinnamon Chip Bread
A yeast bread with just the right amount of cinnamon chips added to give it that special cinnamon flavor.
Zwieback  This recipe has been passed down from my German Grandmother and Mother and is a family tradition.   They are a type of yeast roll which is formed by stacking two balls of dough and baking.   Enjoy them warmed with butter or separate the two and make a sandwich. 
$10.00 per dozen.
Chocolate Cherry Bread 
A yeast bread made with dark chocolate and dried cherries. 

Pumpkin Walnut Bread
A moist bread with the perfect blend of pumpkin, spices and walnuts - Each loaf is 8" x 4" and weighs approximately 2 pounds. - $6.50 each

Pumpkin Dinner Rolls

The goodness of pumpkin in a dinner roll.  The

perfect compliment to your Thanksgiving meal.

$10.50 per dozen
Cinnamon Rolls